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Guidance Over Video: Now you can have all the guidance information you need, watch what’s ahead and monitor various implement operations on a single console simultaneously for improved accuracy, easy validation of implement performance and reduced stress. Advanced Swath and Rate Control Capabilities: Experience enhanced accuracy and more efficient product application with newly added functionality that enables automatic boom section control (ABSC) for dry spreaders and non-linear spray booms. Matrix Pro GS is compatible with third-party rate controls for prescription application and as-applied record keeping. Complete User Control: You choose what you want to see – guidance over video, video only or guidance only. Choose the number of cameras based on your requirements – up to 8 cameras can be used. Upgrade at Your Own Pace Matrix Pro GS is auto steer and automatic boom section control (ABSC) ready. Enabling these features in the future is fast, easy and economical. Droplet Size Selecting the correct droplet size when spraying can have a huge impact on both the efficacy of your spraying and the potential for drift. Real time sensing and displaying of droplet size is now an available option with Matrix Pro GS. This feature gives you added confidence that you’re doing your best job while spraying. Matrix Pro GS Feature Overview • Create, save and recall boundaries and AB lines • Two-way data transfer • Internal WAAS/EGNOS receiver • Upgrade compatibility to external receivers like RTK or OmniSTAR • Create permanent no spray zones • Advanced boom configurations setup allows for 2-dimensional automatic swath control; ideal for dry spreaders or for sprayers with non-linear spray boom arrangement • Third-party rate control capabilities allow for prescription application and as-applied mapping on Matrix Pro GS when used with a compatible rate control. Activation required Matrix Pro GS Shows You So Much More Multiple Guidance Modes Coverage Information Data and Mapping • Straight A-B • Curved A-B • Circle Pivot • Last Pass • NextRow • 1X covered area shown in blue • 2X+ coverage in red Coverage data from SmartCable/SDM and single (full swath) status-detect input (included) • Section status is detected in active ABSC or manual section control • View coverage data in several ways o On-screen field review allows operator to review field for skips prior to departing o Zoom feature to see more detail o Pan feature to view more area

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